Episode 007: 19 Cell Phone Challenges Your Family Wishes You’d Try

You’re in charge of your life. So, you don’t have to feel like you’re a slave to your phone. Here are 19 challenges you should try.

Here are the 19 cell phone challenges we talk about in this week’s show:

1. Stop Pushing Me Around – Turn off all push notifications (Except for your subscribe to podcast of course)
2. DND – Set Do Not Disturb times (Night mode)
3. Hard To Hear – Turn the ringer way down all the time
4. People Are Better Than Phones – If you’re having a conversation face to face don’t answer
5. Count to 3 – Think before you answer
6. No Elbows, No Phone – No phone at the table
7. The No Phone Zone – No phone in bedroom (Buy an alarm clock if you need something)
8. Live Without You – Leave it behind (in designated phone area)
9. Just Click The X – Delete time waster apps & Delete social media apps
10. OOO – Don’t answer business calls outside of your predetermined hours
11. In My Own Good Time – Don’t have to answer texts immediately
12. No Obligation – Choose to not return a voicemail or text
13. Over There, Don’t Care – Don’t keep it close so it’s inconvenient
14. Feel Like The 80s Again – Do a phone fast
15. Have a Good Morning – Don’t look at your phone in the morning until X:XX
16. Track Me – Download the Moment App
17. Between The Lines – Use the “I’m Driving” mode on the new iPhone
18. Stone Silence – Power it off
19. Old School – Buy a book and bring it with you to read when you’re bored.

Book of the Week

50 Inventions That Shaped The Modern Economy – Tim Harford

So…what challenge are you going to try this week? Leave a comment below.

One comment on “Episode 007: 19 Cell Phone Challenges Your Family Wishes You’d Try

  1. W. Kay Critser says:

    Since I’ve only had a mobile phone for the last five years, your challenges are basically my life. I was in a meeting yesterday and I forgot to turn off the ring so it rang. I was talking so I didn’t hear it. One of the women told me that my phone was ringing and I said, “I’m not answering it.” I’m in a meeting. I don’t think my generation is as tied down as the young ones, especially now that you see even three year olds have a technical playtoy in their hands which is only setting them up to isolationism. Relationships won’t matter. So very sad. Thank you, nephew, I took notes while you talked. Didn’t see the bottom where you listed them. Silly me.

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