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Episode 012: I Don’t Hate Sales (This Week)

My personal experience with a discovery about sales, sales process, and making things work for my personality.

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Episode 011: Why We Love To Travel

We’re traveling again, and there are a bunch of reasons why we do it. My family joins me “on location” to tell you their favorite reasons.

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Episode 010: Interview with Greg Howlett (Selling Products Online, Family Fines, Manufactured Urgency)

Selling products online, family fines, manufactured urgency, and what Greg says is the main reason he’s accomplished some of his goals.

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Episode 007: 19 Cell Phone Challenges Your Family Wishes You’d Try

You’re in charge of your life. So, you don’t have to feel like you’re a slave to your phone. Here are 19 challenges you should try.

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Who's behind the mic?

Lance Cummins

Lance Cummins

Show Host

Thanks for joining us on the wild adventure of being a family-focused entrepreneur. There’s no journey that’s quite as rewarding.

The Whole Cummins Family (Almost)

My biggest challenge with family hikes is that I never can prove that I was there.
It’s the curse of the photographer, I guess.

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