Make all the money you can, and use it all you can…to…

Well, you’re going to have to listen to the podcast to figure out how to complete that statement. We don’t have a ton of show notes this week, but here’s the link for the Book of the Week.

Book of the Week

Profit First – Michael Michalowicz

3 comments on Episode 008: Make More Of Money

  1. W. Kay Critser says:

    We used some of Uncle Sherman’s pension to buy a van to haul some of the kids who attend our Saturday kids’ event. Thus, one of our goals is to use our money to support our ministry.

    1. Lance Cummins says:

      There you go.

  2. Nick Earner says:

    That was a very interesting view of money. I cant help but reflect on which of the several gas guzzling engines in my life is consuming the most fuel right now. It was also nice to be prompted to review some of my life goals which sadly hasnt been done in a while. Seems like I have been on auto pilot for a while. Even though it isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the fuel is burning almost always for the good of the family. Definitely a good episode definitely going to browse some more.

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