Episode 005: Finding The Time For The Important Stuff (A Secret Weapon)

Your secret weapon for finding time is staring you right in the face. Click for show notes.

Special Guests

I talked with Jenna Spencer, CEO of AssistPro, LLC. If you need a virtual assistant that can handle direct client facing communication, you should check her company out and start a conversation.

Fun Stuff

I mentioned in this podcast about my calendar. This is what one of my weeks looks like. I don’t always have a full Thursday blocked, but this happens to be the one with my monthly “Think Day” in there.

Lance's Calendar Screenshot

The Book of The Week

The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss


2 comments on Episode 005: Finding The Time For The Important Stuff (A Secret Weapon)

  1. Ted Jackson says:

    I just binged your podcast on my drive to my college reunion. It is great!!! Congratulations. It is hard for me to listen to because I have Samsung phone (Podcast Addict is my app). Anyway, I just streamed it from your website as I drove. I find that as an entrepreneur, there is a big blur between work and family, and sometimes nothing else seems to fit. My secret has always been to add “events” or “activities” that are outside of work during my work time. So I run a committee of a nonprofit organization, and I host all of my meetings during the work day or on Saturday morning before my family wakes up.

    This way, I don’t feel like I am eating into family time. Since work can be all consuming, it turns out that also means that if you “donated” a few of the work hours to a cause or a family event, you can make up those hours either through productivity or other means. You can’t make up family hours that you “spend” on other activities. This probably won’t make sense for everyone, but it works for me.

    Keep up the podcast. I wish it were easier for me to grab as I have another long plane flight this week and I could catch up entirely.


    1. Lance Cummins says:

      Ted, that’s such a great way to think about how to manage your time. Rather than always taking from family time, you balance that out with taking from work time. I love it. BTW, I just got the podcast approved on iTunes and I’ll make sure I submit it to Podcast Addict. Thanks for the reminder on that!

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