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    • I’m a moron, because in the podcast I said, “.com” and it should be, “.org.” Fortunately, Sunny’s got that redirect covered, so head on over and listen.

8 comments on Episode 003: How To Succeed In Family Without Really Trying

  1. W. Kay Critser says:

    I hadn’t heard Episode one or two, but got introduced to three! I love your creativity, Lance and family! I don’t know how I can get this out to the public. Any suggestions?

    One thing we did with our two children as they grew up, we always had a devotion and prayer right after breakfast and just before going to bed. One time they had come home from boarding school for a holiday and even though they both were in high school, they both jumped onto our bed and asked if we weren’t going to have devotions and prayer. I believe that it the best foundation we could have given them and that’s how my husband and I want to be remembered by our children.

    1. Lance Cummins says:

      Creating those kinds of traditions are huge. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Monroe Roark says:

    I love your “This is what the Cummins are doin’ right now” jingle (or rap, or whatever). If you haven’t already, have a discussion with your kids on where the appropriate plural is “Cummins” or “Cumminses.” That would be entertaining.

    1. Lance Cummins says:

      Haha. Good one, Monroe. I think our default is Cummins for plural. We find it ironic that a family that does everything in the plural has a name that is plural.

  3. Louise Cradduck says:

    Lance, this is great. Had missed the 1st 2 episodes. Didn’t know about it til Ellie’s post. Going back to watch them.

    1. Lance Cummins says:

      Thanks, Louise!

  4. Rick says:

    Lance, I love your family’s energy and intentionality! Shared experiences and simplifying your calendar so that you have more margins in your resources like time and money so that you can share activities together is wonderful. Keep it up!

    1. Lance Cummins says:

      Thanks so much, Rick! I’m so grateful for your friendship and how you and Sally have already contributed so much to this podcast and to my family.

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