You’re a forward thinker. Now I want you to think way ahead.

I don’t really have a lot of show notes from this week’s episode, because I kind of went personal on this one.

While I may have struggled with our Philadelphia trip, there were several highlights: Independence hall, Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, and of course, the Liberty Bell.

My kids are always so forgiving and understanding, so they showed me ample mercy.

Kids at Liberty Bell

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The Book Of The Week

First Things First – Stephen Covey

(If you listen to the podcast, there may or may not be a special offer in there somewhere. :))

10 comments on Episode 002: Think Ahead

  1. Sunny Smith says:


    1. Lance Cummins says:

      Awesome, Sunny! I can always count on your comments to be to the point. 🙂

      Do you want paperback or Kindle?

  2. Am I second?
    If so Kindle please!

    I was trying to find something to help me fall asleep and I thought about your podcast. Haha I’m totally kidding.

    This is a great episode. I like what you said about being the author of what people will say when you are reaching the end.

    To me, what I appreciate the most is your transparency about your life. It really helps to put things into perpective, helps us relate and get’s us to know you better

    1. Lance Cummins says:

      Hey, Andrew! You are indeed 2nd! Nicely done. Book is on the way to your Kindle. (Actually, check your email for the link.)

  3. Henry O says:

    “Hey, I like this show. Give me my book.”

    1. Lance Cummins says:

      Henry, Andrew just squeaked in ahead of you, and I was slow approving comments. I guess you may have to use Nectafy’s book-a-month for this one. 🙂

  4. J Sumner says:

    Nice job!

    1. Lance Cummins says:

      Thanks, Julie!

  5. Kate Dobens says:

    Don’t need to be first or second. Will read First Things First. Sounds like a good recommendation. Bring it on Cummins Clan – outstanding! This is very helpful in getting me from being so “head down” in my start up getting work done. It is great to look up and forward to make sure I’m heading in the right direction.

    Hey Henry O – shout out to the awesome Nectafy team.

    Feeling like I’m having my morning coffee with old friends – love it.

    1. Lance Cummins says:

      Hey Kate! Glad you’re liking this stuff. I’m so grateful for your support and your coaching!

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