Your most important team member in your entrepreneurial quest is your spouse. Here’s our take on how we view that role.

Jenny & I discussed our personality profiles in this episode. I would highly recommend taking the personality assessment. The folks at PeopleKeys have the least expensive one I’ve found that is thorough enough to be useful. Here’s the link to their shop: DISC Profile

What The Cummins Are Doing Right Now

We’re doing what we love: camping in our little white box. Here’s a typical scene for us.

Micah in Camper



8 comments on Episode 006: Work Wife Balance

  1. Kate says:

    Love hearing Jenny’s wisdom. You guys hit upon what I think is THE goal which is an “integrated” life not a “balanced” life which feels combative or oppositional in some way. Being an entrepreneur and mother never feels balanced! Your gratitude and respect for one another is inspiring and a wonderful example and I’m sure the secret sauce for your ongoing family and business success. Keep ‘em coming. Go Team Cummins from the Dob Squad. 😀 Kate

    1. Lance Cummins says:

      That’s such a great encouragement. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m super blessed and grateful to have such an amazing partner in this entrepreneurial & family adventure.

  2. Andrew says:

    Great podcast episode!
    Thanks Jenny for sharing about your role as part of the team and being one with Lance. He is a lucky man to have you by his side.

    Rachel and I are polar opposites as well when it comes to the DISC personality test. Apparently, I am a DI and she is an SC so when you shared your differences it made me smile.

    The book of the week, The 5 love languages is a great recommendation. It helped us a lot. Rachel’s love language is words of affirmation and I am the worst at it haha. Working on it!

    1. Lance Cummins says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this one, Andrew. I am absolutely lucky to have Jenny. That whole “opposites attract” thing sounds like you & Rachel.

  3. Rick says:

    Great partnership marriage you guys! I love Jenny’s comment to you…”You could function in anything,” Comedy!

    1. Lance Cummins says:

      Rick, you and Sally are great encouragers and you model working together as entrepreneurs so beautifully. I’m grateful for your friendship!

  4. W. Kay Critser says:

    Uncle Sherman’s office has always been in our home. His first office was the dining room table. Fortunately we had a breakfast bar where we ate the first seven years with our two children. When we moved, his office was still in the dining room but he had his own desk. In the other homes and even today he finally has his own room. Since I was involved in ministry as well, I made sure I had a space to call mine. So on another side of the dining table I had my materials. My desks thereafter were in the bedroom. Our lives have intersect in the home and in ministry. We both came to the marriage as career people already. The type of ministry we have had has driven us to adapt to the giving and taking in our relationship for the good of each other. I think you and Jenny have done very well in maintaining your almost 23 years in love. Do you not think your relationship with the Lord has enabled you two and your family to be successful in this efforts? I’m not sure how secular entrepreneurs would adapt.

    1. Lance Cummins says:

      Aunt Kay, you and Uncle Sherman are a pretty cool example of a couple working together well for a long time. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I absolutely agree that Jenny & I have been successful in maintaining a happy marriage because we both have personal faith in Jesus and we follow his teachings of love and respect for each other. My faith is the overarching aspect of everything I do, so I don’t often bring it up in specific instances. With that said, I’ve known plenty of successful entrepreneurs who don’t share my faith who have created meaningful relationships. They’ve discovered the key is to respect your partner and love them as you would love yourself, truths that are affirmed in Scripture.

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